Media about AFI Development

02 October 2012 |
  • Press Release

AFI Development announced the date of official opening ceremony of its exclusive object – the hotel-sanatorium “Plaza SPA” in Zheleznovodsk – October 15, 2012

25 September 2012 |
  • Press Release

AFI Development PLC announces that LLC “Avtostoyanka Tverskaya Zastava”, a subsidiary of AFI Development PLC, was allocated a land plot at the address: 2-ya Brestskaya street, 50/2 (Central Administrative District of Moscow). 

15 August 2012 |
  • Bloomberg

Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. (AFIL), the holding company owned by billionaire Lev Leviev, headed for a record low after quarterly losses at its property unit widened and a U.S. unit lost control of a Manhattan apartment building.

14 August 2012 |
  • The Moscow Times

AFI Development, a developer of real estate in Russia, said the value of its properties declined by about $400 million because of changes in Moscow planning policy and the ruble's depreciation against the dollar.

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